Would there at least be a jar of coffee?

A moment that will always stick in my head from the Bucky shoot was on the very first morning. It had been a fairly frantic process putting all the crew and equipment together and although I knew all that was sorted, I hadn’t had a chance to get a sense of how the rest of the production would work. How would the cast be transported? Would there at least be a jar of coffee?

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Help fund Bucky!

Here are the details of how you can get involved. You can donate to the project in a variety of ways.

  • For £10 you will receive a signed photo via email together with a thank you note. In the email there will be a code word so that if you see Danny in the street and say the word he will know you have donated, thank you personally and pose for photos.
  • For £30 you will receive as above plus you get a credit in titles of the short film.
  • For £200 you will receive as above plus a ticket to a Gala Screening and party to be confirmed.
  • For £500 you will receive as above plus an Associate Producer credit.

A thought did cross my mind…

DOP Ed Moore and myself were discussing safety, operating and related aesthetics of shooting out the back of Danny’s Jeep.  The first shots of the day were already ‘in the can’ and so the team swiftly moved onto the next sequence of tracking along with Bucky’s bike.  You think sitting on the back of a Jeep with a camera is simple, but try it with the weighty Steadicam on and it’s a whole different game.
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