A thought did cross my mind…

DOP Ed Moore and myself were discussing safety, operating and related aesthetics of shooting out the back of Danny’s Jeep.  The first shots of the day were already ‘in the can’ and so the team swiftly moved onto the next sequence of tracking along with Bucky’s bike.  You think sitting on the back of a Jeep with a camera is simple, but try it with the weighty Steadicam on and it’s a whole different game.
Still, ignoring all I’d learnt (and after the wonderful grip team attempting to satisfy my every whim) we all agreed to give it a try.  So, Jason Cuddy, our 1st AC on the day and myself were bungled in the back to drive to the location.  I have to admit – a thought did cross my mind – when I watched Red Dwarf when I was younger – never did I believe I would ever be hanging out the back of Danny John-Jules’ Jeep shooting his short film!  It was a surreal moment and just as I’d had the thought, Danny had stopped to have a chat to Paul Weller!

The team were great, I had a terrific time and enjoyed working on the project.  Even though Danny did tell me he mistook me as the caretakers son from our first school location because I was mysteriously hovering in the background.  Don’t worry Danny, all is forgiven!!

Oh – and after all the Jeep kerfuffle – we decided it would be best to track along by foot!

I hope the project leads to great success.

James Elias