At last folks the limited edition ‘BUCKY’ T-shirts are here! You can now purchase yours and become a supporter of this unique production.For £20 you can have one of your very own, however for £40 you will get a credit on the film to go with it.

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T-shirt (no credit)

T-Shirt (Male)
Price: £20.00
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T-Shirt (Female)
Price: £20.00
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T-shirt with a film credit

T-Shirt + credit (Male)
Price: £40.00
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T-Shirt + credit (Female)
Price: £40.00
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Please allow up to 28 days for delivery


Once you receive your T-shirt you can send in a photo of you wearing it and the person who has the most original, impressive (pictured alongside the Queen) or funny photo, will accompany the cast and crew for the entire day of the Gala Screening. Here’s what you’ll have to beat…